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1st Emancipation before embarkation A responsible response to a staggering responsibilty First things first - No seasonal affair please.. A comma and not a full stop-I A Divine “Scanner” Confusing? Is one of the Gospels wrong? NO WAY!
2nd The Slaying of Pascal Lamb & the Passover Not our ability but our availability Ash Wednesday service A comma and not a full stop-II Why Peter? The long journey and ‘the perseverance factor’
3rd The reward or the Rewarder God – the Eternal Encourager… The wilderness temptation A Bridge An omnipyschologist Solving the puzzle…
4th Baptism First things first… Why 40 days? Dedicated to… Reaching out Character assassination
5th A ‘Special’ target A Statement of Solidarity The stark contrast! Identity crisis Jesus “in action” today! Bearing the Cross…
6th Heavenly Manna God's Security The wave pattern The road-map of Gospel proclamation No half-measures please… Victory in the very place of defeat
7th First Love A Pointer to the Cross… The weak links in the chain The Ascension Enter Paul… Wrecking yet another Myth
8th IS HONEYMOON OVER? Intercession for relation The Sword of the Spirit Prayerful “Dream team” ONE BODY Why Prayer is not an option…
9th NO REAR VIEW MIRRORS, PLEASE! A Unique honor Do the possible The turning point Facebook of First century? Prophecy – History written in advance
10th The ‘Golden calf’ Do the possible and leave the impossible with Him Man’s Achilles heel A Master Planner A Ring of truth Mixed up priorities and Divine Comeuppance
11th The Roller-coaster ride Eyes on the Guide A Big “NO” to sensationalism! An united unit A Sponsor and a Mentor Sins of omission
12th Submitting to authority Standing one’s ground Proper interpretation of scriptures The “Super” Sermon recipe A Chain reaction Worshipping only Christ
13th The Shepherd's responsibility Standing one’s ground A deceitful salesman Lighted to lighten Pray and then prey… Worshipping with gifts…
14th The Generosity Factor Psyched out To curb the temptation during temptation Strongly rooted Erratic graph Gift of Gold
15th THE PRESENCE OF GOD Renewal of Promise The three dimensions to the first word on the cross Detecting the counterfeits In His time… The shadow of the Cross
16th The Spiritual warfare The Divine Sustenance The filial responsibilty “Warm” fellowship No compartmentalization, please! Depiction of early Death
17th The Temptations The implicit obedience There’s never a wrong time to do the right thing! “Sacrificial” fellowship God-the Alpha and Omega How can I discern the call for Full time work? Who are the Full-timers?
18th United, we stand... One’s loss is the other’s gain When the Eternal connection broke… Prayer adds to spiritual vigor! God’s “NO” to evangelism? A servant of God is a pleaser of God
19th Quick, off the blocks... A miracle within a miracle Again the fulfillment of Scripture… Prayer opens the prison door! Gospel torch reaches Europe! Receptivity to God’s call
20th The odd man out The First fruits Tetelestai Prayer agenda Call through God’s servants
21st So near, yet so far… Justified overconfidence? Showing how to live and … die Seizing oppurtunities A Badge of honour
22nd From weakness to strength… Power failure The role of “minnows” Being fully filled! A balance in everything…
23rd The High Priest A little drop of poison… The glorious “Resurrection” A Badge of honour Blindfolding people…full time
24th Let's fear God alone Repentance Legitimate doubts…1 Third Party Certification Apostates- The Spiritual tricksters
25th Foretaste of both Hell and Heaven Restoration of power Legitimate doubt…2 For the “First time”… The ‘BC and AD’ of One’s Life
26th The Commandments A Great Miracle Legitimate doubt…3 The “First Deacons” The Two pillars of Christian Faith
27th Dangers from behind... The meek shall inherit the earth Legitimate doubt…4 First Martyr He alone sees clearly…
28th Passing the baton The wise choice Legitimate doubt…5 When minds and hearts meet Provisions for the journey and beyond…
29th Even leaders need encouragement... The Promise Keeper The purpose of temptations-1 Both sides of the coin! A safe touchdown…
30th When the strength of man ends… The purpose of temptations-2 Cornelius –ripened as a corn! An exciting experience to share…
31st Alls well that ends well! The bright and rosy future Well within our grasp…