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For accessing rich treasures in His Word and for edification


I praise and thank the good Lord for opening new vistas of Ministry in the last 11 years. Thanks to the "Audio Devo" Whatsapp group (headed by a Brother in faith namely Trevain Raj Kumar), from Jan 1st 2016 onwards, I have been given the opportunity to give brief Audio devos'. I am putting them in the website. Those inspired by the good Lord can listen to them daily. Like all of my material in the Web, this too is meant for ONLY SUPPLEMENTING your daily spiritual devotional life which should primarily comprise of praying, Bible reading, attending Church programs (during the week) and NOT FOR SUBSTITUTING them. They are more important. If my Web material can be compared to VITAMINS...personal prayer, Bible reading and Church Fellowship can be equated to indispensable nourishing FOOD.

Yours in His Service,

Suresh Manoharan
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