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The Annual retreats of Christian Fellowship Church involving so much of perspiration in preparation are a wonderful time to live out the Scriptural truth "The joy of the Lord is our strength" (Nehemiah 8:10). This year was no different, with our Church having its Retreat in the premises of the historic Medak cathedral on a public holiday...20-2-2012. After a joyous road trip of 3 hours in two buses (breakfast was sponsored and provided to all 135 members in the bus itself by the generous family of Bro. Aquilla Sathyanaraya and Sister Priscilla) the guided tour of the awe-inspiring premises was undertaken (for more on its history, one may click on the following URL Soon the Church settled down for some wonderful rejuvenating Pre-lunch session (in Sunday School hall of the Cathedral) during which there was lively Praise and Worship numbers by S.R. Nagar based Christian musicaltroupe Flaming Hearts, followed by PPT presentation on “Signs of imminent Church rapture” by Yours truly. Honoring all the Pastors and elders of the Church (I Tim 5:17) and the distribution of Baptism certificates (to the recently baptized members) were also the important segments of the Pre-lunch session. It needs to be stated here that without the combined efforts of the Pastors, their committed wives, elders and most importantly the personal care of the Divine Master, the Church wouldn't be where it is today. Church functions like the Annual Church retreat are proof of the ongoing grand team effort of all concerned.

Following a sumptuous lunch there were a plethora of cultural activities which were a offshoot of enduring efforts of Sister Sita Evangeline (Principal of St. Andrews School, BS Maktha , Hyderabad and YWCA President, Hyderabad ) and her Brother Sanjay Isaiah (Correspondent of St. Andrews School). God bless them both abundantly. Among others (can you believe it), there were a

a) Qawali by Senior Sunday school
b) Bhangra by the combo of Senior Sunday school and Church youth
c) Kollatam by some Church couples (you can see Yours truly in action with Pastoramma in tow)
d) Choreo by Senior and Junior members
e) Solo by one and only -92 years young Dad (A.R. Manoharan) of mine, whom the good Lord has blessed with good health to be a blessing to all of us

As you view the dances, I hope and pray the Divine joy in the hearts of the participants will well-up in your hearts too and you would utter a loud HALLELUJAH!!!
Qawali by Senior Sunday school