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The final book in the Bible is called The Revelation
It is all about many a vision
John the apostle received while being exiled at Patmos
Dealing mostly about the future of the cosmos

In Chapter 1, it all begins with a vision of Jesus Christ in awesome majesty
As opposed to His earthly form, which was all humility
In Chapters 2 and 3 Jesus speaks about the spiritual condition of seven churches in Turkey
About some He is happy and about some, He is all anxiety

These 7 churches are symbol of the Church age
Their issues and problems are commonly found in Church historyís every stage
In essence, Jesus is concerned about their bright love for Him
Which by vagaries of time, should not grow dim

Then in Chapters 4 and 5 there is a vision about the Throne of God
The throne, is symbolic of all the sovereign power God has got
This vision was to assure John that God is in ultimate control,
Before being given the visions of Earth coming under Evilís temporary control

Before the tribulation time arrives, will be the Church rapture
The Church-the tribulation time- will not be able to capture
In case, you have not yet accepted Christ
Accept Him NOW, before the advent of Anti-Christ

From chapters 6 to 16 are recorded the Seals, Trumpet and Bowl judgment
Which come upon the people who mostly do not repent
Like the Egyptian woes, they slowly increase in severity
Bringing in their wake, many a catastrophe

At the start of tribulation
Will come the Anti-christ who would eventually lead the world to its annihilation
In the beginning, achieving worldwide peace would appear to be his goal
Little would people realize that he would mislead them to Hellís gaol

Towards end of chapter 6 after the seals judgment, when unbelievers are hiding in many a secret place
In chapter 7, we see that the sealing of 144000 Jewish evangelists takes place
they would take the Gospel to every place
nothing would harm them, in any place

Chapters 8 and 9 are about the Trumpets judgment
To Godís anger, they give vent
They destroy 1/3rd of all of the existing creation
Readying the wicked world for complete destruction

In chapter 10, there is a visit of a mighty angel
About the impending greater wrath, he comes to tell
In Chapter 11, we see of the 2 prophets their bold witness
To make people repent, they perform great miracles, working in harness

In Chapter 12, there is of Israel a revelation
How, it would come under Anti-Christís great persecution
That is the time that Chosen nation
Would after national repentance, accept Godís Ėin Christ- great salvation (Romans 11:26)

Before the Bowl judgments arrive
There are visions of how evil will thrive
In Chapter 13, we see reign of unholy trinity,
With Satan, the two evil onesí -Anti-Christ and False prophet- would ally

These 2 evil men empowered by Satan the dragon
Will rule the world with power not seen, from the time sin began
The terrible duo would eventually be defeated in the war at Armageddon
And cast into the lake of fire Ėan eternal suffering den

In Chapter 14, there is Gospel proclamation for the first time by an angel
It flies in midair, proclaiming the Gospel
Then through the Grain and Grape harvest vision
There is a portrayal of imminent Bowl judgment and Armageddon annihilation

Chapter 15, sets the stage for Bowl judgment
On Worldís ecology, it would create a terrible dent
In chapter 16, begin terrible punishments of bowl
Even then, without repenting the hard-hearted at God would scowl

In Chapter 17 we see how the harlot- the false religious system-during tribulation,
With the help of the Antichrist the beast would lead people to spiritual destruction
But as in the case of many an opportunistic, unholy alliance
This too would crumble with the harlot receiving Divine comeuppance

Chapter 18 signals the end of Babylon-Antichristís commercial empire
Under Godís wrath by the Seventh Bowl Judgment, it would expire
Chapter 19 is all about Christís triumphant return planned from eternity
And it would lead to the defeat of the unholy trinity

While Satan would be bound and released at the end of the millennium
Anti-Christ and False Prophet would suffer in hell, the maximum
Before Christís reign for a thousand years
Would be the separation of the wheat from the tares

All those who accepted him during the tribulation
Would enter the Millennium kingdom in mortal bodies with exultation
The unrepentant survivors of tribulation, who represent the tares
Would now be slain and their spirits bound in hades

In Chapter 20, we see in the Millennium, along with Christ would be ruling
the redeemed of all ages, and for a greater part, it would a time most thrilling
Their subjects would be the mortal Christians who survived tribulation
Who would now live long and increase the population

Many children of these mortal Christians would accept Christ
By doing so, with the eternal destiny they would make tryst
But some sadly would not seek born-again experience and repent
By joining Satan, in the final Gog and Magog war, would come under Godís fiery judgment

After annihilation of the final rebellion, Satan would cast into hell
This would be followed by Christís final submission to the Father, as the Scriptures foretell
The Great White throne Judgment would follow as predicted
At this time, the unredeemed of all ages to get final judgment would be resurrected

Earth and Sky would be uncreated
The Books including the Book of life would be opened
While the redeemed of all ages would receive their reward with a joyous yell,
The unredeemed would be cast into eternal hell

In eternity, God would create new earth and new heaven,
Where there would be absolutely no place for any leaven
There would be no moon or sun
As there would be wondrous light in the presence of God and His glorious Son

There would be no temple either,
As God comes to dwell amongst the redeemed thither,
New Jerusalem would be a place beyond imagination
Reserved for all those, who in their spirits have received regeneration!

So dear friend, if your name is in the Book of life?
Rejoice, even if there is in this world some strife
Because the future awaiting you is really bright
You will reign with Him who is the TRUE LIGHT!

Remember Christian, the Book of Revelation
Gives of all tribulations a full gory description
In order, we who are redeemed
Become passionate about saving our dear friends and relatives who are still unredeemed

We would not want our dear unredeemed ones in tribulation to suffer
So in order, they are raptured with us, we have the Gospel to offer
Letís go about Gospel proclamation in right earnest
So we along with all our dear onesí are safe in HIS NEST!

Pray tell me reader, is your name in the Book of life,
Do not take lightly matters about Eternal life,
Your choice here will shape your destiny
Without any haste accept Christ and be baptized in the name of Holy Trinity!

Suresh Manoharan