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For accessing rich treasures in His Word and for edification

  In more than three decades of my Christian life, I have been blest by 2 types of Daily devos' (matter not exceeding 500 words) in universal Christian literature. Not only those Devos' which have a different theme everyday but also the ones which revolve around a certain theme over a period of time, say a fortnight, have richly edified me. In fact, both styles have their own inherent advantages. If the former style caters to the varying spiritual needs of a christian from day-to-day, the latter aims 'to ground' a child of God in a certain subject in order he derives the full benefits of the deep insightful study of a certain topic, spread over a fixed span of time.

In my Daily devo page, I have consciously tried to go in for 'a blend of both the styles' whereby within a constant theme, I would be aiming to focus on different facets of it which admittedly is a closer imitation of the 'Constant theme' style than the 'Varying topics' one.

Having dwelt on the topic of Christian journey in the previous month, now in the month of Febraury, I intend to focus on a monumental piece of Jewish history….the Conquest of Canaan, with its particular relevance to modern day breed of Christian spiritual warriors.

Once again, let me wish you a happy and an edifying read…

Suresh Manoharan

February 7th

A Pointer to the Cross…

“…unless, when we enter the land, you have tied this scarlet cord in the window through which you let us down, and unless you have brought your father and mother, your brothers and all your family into your house. If anyone goes outside your house into the street, his blood will be on his own head; we will not be responsible. As for anyone who is in the house with you, his blood will be on our head if a hand is laid on him. But if you tell what we are doing, we will be released from the oath you made us swear."

"Agreed," she replied. "Let it be as you say." So she sent them away and they departed. And she tied the scarlet cord in the window - Joshua 2:18-21
  After an extensive study of God’s security for all those who reverence Him, with particular reference to Rahab, today let’s touch upon yet another important aspect of this story.

Before that, it would serve us well to remember that through several pointers in Old Testament history, God in His sovereign wisdom was always making people aware of his eventual redemption plan at the Cross of Calvary.

For instance, soon after the Fall in the Garden of Eden, even as our early parents were trying to shield their shame with fig leaves, God clothed them (Gen 3:21) with skins of animals slain for the very purpose of covering over their act of sin. Then again in their scriptures, the people of Israel always had an unforgettable account of the Pascal lamb slain towards the end of their Egyptian bondage (Exodus 12:21-27) to remind them of Christ’s impending ‘atoning death’ on the Cross of Calvary. Just as the ‘blood of the Pascal lamb’ had saved them from the destroying angel, the blood of the Lamb of God slain in the Cross would save them from God’s punishment for their sins.

Yet another pointer towards God saving work accomplished hundreds of years later on the Hill of Golgotha was the scarlet robe tied to the window of Rahab’s home, which eventually protected the life of Rahab and all her family members, when the City of Jericho was torched (Joshua 6:22-25). In the way, the ‘Scarlet robe’ branded Rahab’s home as one ‘to be protected’, the ‘Cross’ where the Redeemer bled and died for our sins continues to brand the believers as ones ‘to be protected from God’s wrath’.

Are you inside the “ house, with the Cross, on the outside”? Thank God, if you are already, otherwise it’s still not too late to take refuge therein.

All you need to do to take refuge therein is sincerely repeat this confessional prayer “ Father, I admit that I am a sinner. I believe that you sent your Holy Son to die on the Cross, as an atonement for my sins, two thousand years ago. Please cleanse my sins on the basis of that great redeeming work wrought on the cross and grant me a new life, even as I accept Jesus in my life as my Lord and Saviour. Amen and Amen.


Father, by virtue of so many pointers in Old testament history, you have attempted to leave none in doubt about thy great salvation plan, which was to come. We praise you for Thy infinite wisdom. In Jesus’ name. Amen’.
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