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For accessing rich treasures in His Word and for edification

  In more than three decades of my Christian life, I have been blest by 2 types of Daily devos' (matter not exceeding 500 words) in universal Christian literature. Not only those Devos' which have a different theme everyday but also the ones which revolve around a certain theme over a period of time, say a fortnight have richly edified me. In fact, both styles have their own inherent advantages. If the former style caters to the varying spiritual needs of a christian from day-to-day, the latter aims 'to ground' a child of God in a certain subject in order he derives the full benefits of the deep insightful study of a certain topic, spread over a fixed span of time.

In my Daily devo page, I have consciously tried to go in for 'a blend of both the styles' whereby within a constant theme, I would be aiming to focus on different facets of it which admittedly is a closer imitation of the 'Constant theme' style than the 'Varying topics' one.

For starters in the first month of January. I would be dwelling on the theme of the "Christian Journey", with the material being arranged in a Book-like format under which the pages would be opened ( i,e..displayed on-line) on each succeeding day.

So here's wishing you a happy & an edifying read....

Suresh Manoharan

January 2nd

The Slaying of Pascal Lamb & the Passover

The Soldiers did this in fulfillment of the Scripture that says,”Not one of his bones shall be broken” and, they shall look on him whom they pierced”- John 19:36,37
  One would be amazed at the numerous similarities that exist between the emancipated Jews under the leadership of Moses & the Christians(refer also to my Devo dated 1-01-08). While the existence of ‘destination to reach’ is one common factor between them, yet another similarity would be the ‘slaying of the lamb’ on the night of ‘Passover’ before their deliverance from slavery.

  The hard nut that the Pharaoh was, finally cracked only when delivered a coup de grace by the slaying of the eldest offspring of Egypt on that night of emancipation of the Jews (Exodus 12:21-31). How is that the death angel of the Lord spared the Jewish homes, even as its cold hand of death spread over the Egyptian homes? Scriptures say that the sight of blood of the slain lamb applied on the door of the Israeli homes made it ‘Passover’ those homes without entering therein.
  A comparison John 19:31-37 giving an account of Jesus’ crucifixion on Passover day with Exodus 12:46/ Numbers 9:12 describing rituals pertaining to the Pascal lambs (lambs slain on the Passover night) would melt our hearts on the ‘pains endured by the Saviour’ for our salvation, so that God’s wrath against sin may ‘Passover’ us.

Lord, in order to save us, You were willing to suffer the most excruciating of deaths. May this act of Yours, ever fill my heart with gratitude & make me obey Thee out of love & love alone. Amen
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