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In Which Category do you belong?

There were Crowds galore, as Jesus went ministering says the Gospel (Matt 4:25),
What actually made them come, as it were, under His “spell”?
Did you ever analyze why different Categories of people were following Him with so much of passion?
In this poem, we shall see the real reason

Of the First category were people who merely wanted from Jesus the Cure for their physical infirmity
In the second category were ones’ whose motives of following Him had everything to do with Culinary (John 6:26),
Of the third category, were Critical religious leaders who were always around (Mark 2:1-12),
Their hearts instead of love would with hatred abound

Oh yes, the fourth category comprised the Chauvinistic Jewish folk,
Who were keen to see Jesus’ with His miraculous powers overthrow the Roman yoke,
Not for them the spiritual liberty which Jesus wanted to offer from sin,
You see they wanted to be free from Roman levy rather than from spiritual leaven.

In the fifth category was the Curious one
Who wanted to see what miracles in the Lord’s Name was done,
Having seen a great act performed
He would return home satisfied without being reformed

Then there was the final category...the reformed Committed lot full of loyalty,
Not for them, anything worldly,
They desired Jesus for Jesus sake,
Willing to put everything at stake

They were about 120 in number says the Book of Acts
Verse 15 of Chapter 1 therein spells out the facts,
These were the “pearls” the Saviour would use on the Day of Pentecost,
To bring about the birth of the Church which would stand firm, whatever be the cost.

Dear follower of Christ, to which of these categories do you belong
In the face of adversity would you stand strong?
If you are following the Saviour purely for Salvation sake,
Then cheer are on a strong no problem on Earth can your faith shake!!!

Suresh Manoharan