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For accessing rich treasures in His Word and for edification
God of renewals

The good Lord opened the doors for Yours Truly to share 4 messages in Salem Church, Allwyn Nagar Branch on January 14th and 15th over a span of nearly 4 hours. This video containing those 4 messages titled

a) God of regeneration -Part 1-from 00.00 minutes to 58:07 minutes

b) God of regeneration-Part 2-from 58:08 minutes to 1:57:16 minutes

c) God who renews faith, love and hope of Christians-from 1:57:17 minutes to 3:13:26 minutes

d) God who renews the Covenant-3:13:26 to 3:37:34 (till end of the video)

is being dedicated for His Glory.

Prayer: Father use these messages for thy Glory and for the edification of the universal Church. In Jesus' Name.

Suresh Manoharan

God of renewals